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When Hip Hop artist promote and GET PAID for the senseless use of the N-word on there albums
and video’s some people of all nationalities seem to have interpreted this ignorance as a license to act out what they see or hear about from Hip Hop video’s and albums.

Not only destructive to the community you live in but also from the people who view your culture.

Feeling Real Black Right Now – Phillie Phil


Woman: Officer spit on her, called her racial slur



TWEET ME    Field Negro – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • Conflicts abroad and hate at home. As the dog days of summer drag out, it seems like the world is just going to hell in a hand basket. (What does that phrase even mean?) There are wars and conflicts everywhere, and hatred runs deep among people of different races, religions, and cultures.

    The institutions that we rely on to do the right thing has failed us, and politicians from both political parties here in America are doing a miserable job of governing the republic.

    Things have gotten so bad here that just performing poorly in the sack can get you hurt.

    "A Michigan woman who admitted to police she shot her male lover due to his poor performance in bed has been granted bond.

    Sadie Bell, 58, was allegedly having a 15-year affair with Edward Lee at the time of the January 2013 incident.

    “The underlying facts in this are a little bizarre,” Chief Assistant Prosecutor Paul Walton told WWJ.

    Bell reportedly told police “she knew he was having an affair because he wasn’t producing enough ejaculate.

    Following the shooting, Bell was convicted of assault with intent to do great bodily harm and was sentenced to 20 months to 10 years for the assault, in addition to two years for a gun charge.

    She was recently granted bond set at $10,000 by an Oakland County court after a motion was filed pending her appeal."

    Lord have mercy! I need some of you dudes to stop laughing. You know damn good and well that some of you could have been shot to death a long time ago.
    You are just lucky that there are not more Sadie Bells out there.  

    Finally, speaking of hate, I am still trying to figure out why right-wingers are so hateful and angry in this country.

    Where did all this hate come from?

    They hate so much that they would rather see non-English speaking people die than utilize 911 resources. They hate so much that they work themselves up into a frenzy when asked to show compassion for little children. They hate so much that they brandish rifles openly at the site where one of America's beloved presidents was assassinated.

    Sadly, this type of hatred and ignorance leads to rants like this:

    "Appearing on Tea Party News Network broadcast earlier this month, the head of the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC asserted that undocumented immigrants are more dangerous than “anything that Al Qaeda could blow up, short of a nuclear detonation,” according to Right Wing Watch.

    William Gheen, who recently urged followers to mail used underwear to undocumented immigrants, President Barack Obama, and House Speaker John Boehner, told host Larry Altman the influx on immigrants are “a type of weapon from which the American people can never recover.”

    Asked by Altman how many “illegal aliens” crossing the border might be “affiliated” with Al Qaeda, Gheen went off on a rant, including immigrants from China.

    “Well, what the illegals that are coming — and especially the ones that are coming from China — are going to do to America are much more powerful and lasting impacts than anything that Al Qaeda could blow up, short of a nuclear detonation, ” Gheen replied.

    Gheen was particularly fearful that the immigrants would fill up American schools, leaving American students — some from families that have been in the United States for 300 years –  unable to “self-actualize.”

    “How do you put a price tag on a family, let’s say that’s been in the United States for 300 years, and four or five different members of that family have gone off to World War II and Korea and maybe World War I to fight for the American way of life, and then finally they get to their grandson that’s alive in the year 2020 who doesn’t get to go to the college of his choice because invaders have been brought in the country and put in those seats ahead of him, ” he explained. “That child’s life, that negatively impacts that child’s ability to self-actualize, to be all they can be, impacted because the future has been stolen by this usurpation, this treason, this treachery from the highest levels of our own government right here in the United States of America. ”

    Gheen predicted dire consequences –including gun confiscation –  for the “existing stock of Americans,” if too many immigrants are allowed to enter the country,

    “Once they get enough people in here to get the boat really sinking, and then they get the borders destroyed and they start taking up all the guns and we’ve got wave after wave of future illegal immigrants pouring in and pouring in and pouring in, the existing stock of Americans are going to be so politically and economically buried under this wave, and it’s a weapon from which we can never recover,” he explained."

    I think I would rather be "buried under this wave" than to be above ground with you, sir. All that hate is not healthy.

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