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  • The lawbreaking Rancher and his anarchist friends. cliven-bundy-484181373.jpgCliven Bundy is an anarchist and lawbreaker who should be arrested and thrown in jail. He has been illegally trespassing on federal land with his cattle since the nineties and now he owes over a million dollars to Uncle Sam.

    He refuses to pay it. He is wrapping himself around the flag, and thanks to FOX News  and right wing pundits he has been praised in some circles as a true American patriot.

    Why? He is no different than the "welfare cheat" who gets food stamps for children that he or she does not have, or who gets cash assistance from the department of welfare while working under the table.

    Saturday he was surrounded by tea party types, nut job militiamen, and white supremacists, while he dared the federal government to come and take his cattle.

    Well they should, and if some of these losers masquerading as patriots get hurt in the process well then so be it. You can't just shake your d^*k at the law and expect to get away with it. If you give these anarchist an inch they will want a yard.

    nevada-484074669.jpgThe welfare rancher has already exhausted all of his legal remedies, and the court has ruled against him. But still, he refuses to obey the law and pay his fines. I mean the guy declared that he doesn't recognize the federal government for crying out loud. (At least not this version of it with the Negro in charge.)

    "They have faith in the Constitution," he told KDWN-AM in Las Vegas on Monday. "The founding fathers didn't create a government like this."

    They didn't expect American citizens to steal from their government, either.

    Unfortunately, that is what Mr. Bundy is doing.


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